Allstarco Plastic Jewels, Acrylic Gems and Embellishments

This is an age of added value and attention getting in a very noisy visual environment. And there's no better way to achieve your awareness goals than by adding embellishments to your creative idea or decorative application. Acrylic gem and rhinestone embellishments are a sure way to create fun and attention at low additional cost. Take a look around this site and you'll find applications for costume jewelry to retail displays, costumes to home furnishings, and even package design.


Allstarco has been manufacturing flat back rhinestones, plastic jewels and decorative acrylic gems since 1981. We pride ourselves on our quality and attention to detail. We've produced 1000's of different acrylic jewel products. We've manufactured everything from pirate play jewels to large one pound reflecting diamonds for walk-in video games. And everything in between. With new technologies coming online all the time, we can offer you more options than ever before.