Rhinestones for gluing, sewing, fastening, and hotfix.   Used for clothing, costumes, jewelry and all kinds of crafts and creative arts. Bright colors and lead free!

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  • Acrylic Rhinestones

    Flat Back Craft Rhinestones for nail art, crafts, costumes and jewelry. Save when you buy more. Visit product for wholesale bulk quantity discounts. Material: Acrylic Flat Back CPSIA

  • Sew On Rhinestones

  • Crystal Rose Montees
    Pre-Set Rhinestones can be set with a press or by hand with a popsicle stick.
  • HotFix Rhinestones

    Stunning HotFix Rhinestones can be Ironed on to practically any fabric. They are light weight and easy to apply with a household iron or heat press.

  • Crystal Rhinestone Chains
    Lead Crystal Rhinestone Chains for jewelry, costumes and crafts.
  • Bedazzler Supplies

    Our very best collection of Rhinestones and Studs for the Bedazzler and GeMagic setting machines. Sparkling bright acrylic resin combined with non rusting brass makes these safe for any project that will be washed.

  • All Preset Rhinestones
    Preset Rhinestones for fabrics. Rhinestones are mounted in a pronged metal rim with 4 foldable prongs. Incredibly simple to apply. Set them by hand or with a rhinestone setter device.
  • Rhinestone Rivets

    Decorative rhinestone rivets for leather and fabric. Popular for leather belts, handbags and flip flops.