Nailheads & Studs
Studs and Nailheads for DIY Fashion, DIY Leathercraft. Used on clothing, purses, shoes and jackets. Invigorate your arts, crafts and sewing projects.

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  • Nailheads
    Brass nailheads in gold and silver for clothing, costumes and fashion accessories.
  • Studs for Jeans & Jackets
    Metal studs for denim and leather. Embellish jeans, boots, jackets and handbags. Two part steel design for secure fastening.
  • Plastic Studs & Spikes
    Plastic spikes and studs for your projects. Bright neon and metallic finishes. Create extravagant costumes and accessories.
  • Hotfix Studs
    HotFix studs are light weight aluminum shapes in various finishes for heat setting to textiles and other compatible surfaces.