Studs & Nailheads
Studs and Nailheads for DIY Fashion, DIY Leathercraft. Used on clothing, purses, shoes and jackets. Invigorate your arts, crafts and sewing projects.

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  • Bedazzler Rhinestones...
    Our very best collection of Rhinestones and Studs for the Bedazzler and GeMagic setting machines. Sparkling bright acrylic resin combined with non rusting brass makes these safe for any project that will be washed. Can also be applied by hand or with most commercial press machines.
  • All Preset Rhinestones
    Preset Rhinestones for fabrics. Rhinestones are mounted in a pronged metal rim with 4 foldable prongs. Incredibly simple to apply. Set them by hand or with a rhinestone setter device.
  • Rhinestone Rivets
    Decorative rhinestone rivets for leather and fabric. Popular for leather belts, handbags and flip flops.
  • Nailheads
    Brass nailheads in gold and silver for clothing, costumes and fashion accessories.
  • Studs for Jeans & Jackets
    Metal studs for denim and leather. Embellish jeans, boots, jackets and handbags. Two part steel design for secure fastening.
  • Plastic Studs & Spikes
    Plastic spikes and studs for your projects. Bright neon and metallic finishes. Create extravagant costumes and accessories.