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smandell 09/08/2023


these are so beautiful that i ordered more

DanTheMan27 09/08/2023

Pool table sight markers!

These were great for my dining table/pool table. I just finished assembly on the table and the rails did not have sight markers.. so rather than go with lame dot stickers.. I saw these and they were perfect. Went with the clear diamond look. I am very pleased with the results.

So it serves other purposes besides the red Raven gandhi dot

Jessica Michelle Houlker 09/08/2023

Great for cosplay

Perfect size for cosplay

Raiza 09/08/2023

Raven gem

The perfect gem for Raven plus if you do more cosplay as her u have a few more extras

Morgan Steele 09/08/2023

They look great

These work great! I'm using them as the forehead gem for my Raven cosplay and they're perfect. If I put a little lash glue on the back, they stick to my forehead all day. Plus, I have tons of extras, so I'm not worried about losing a few.

because I said so 09/08/2023

Beautiful !

These were just what I wanted for my craft projects, the back paint is in good condition not chipped or scratched like others I have ordered. Very sparkely I would use this seller again.

Amazon Customer 09/08/2023

Best for Raven

Bought these for my Raven cosplay. They look great prefect size.

DeShayla Stokes 09/08/2023

I loved it!!!

I loved it!!!

Loadedm@g 09/08/2023

I'm dumb it's cool

I thought bc the review said "adhesion" they were gonta be stickery. ... Got all excited. Went to stick it to my face. They are not stickery. Upset myself. Sorry I'm dumb. Love these for my cosplay though, perfect size

nicole 09/08/2023

As described

As described. Good product

Melissa 09/08/2023