How can you apply the flat back acrylic stones?
Flat backed acrylic stones can be applied with glue, by sewing, and by using metal settings.
Some acrylic stones have holes for stitching or threading. To see sew-ons in the store, click here. You may also be able to find sewable metal settings. These settings have holes allowing you to sew on stones that do not have holes in them.
Settings are made of metal and have prongs that penetrate fabric and are then bent, to hold the stones in place on the garment.
While it is possible to attach these by hand, they are most often attached by using a setting device.

There are a two basic types of settings, Tiffany and Rim.

1. Tiffany settings enter from the back of the fabric and crimps over the top of the stone.
2. Rim settings enter from the front of the fabric, putting a metal rim around the rhinestones, and crimps on the backside of the fabric.
To see settings in the store, click here.