Nailheads - Studs for Clothing

Clothing studs are made of brass so they won't rust when fabrics are washed.
Push the prongsof the studs through the fabric and then fold them over on the back. For occasional work you can do this by hand using an improvised tool like a thimble, or popsicle stick. Use a stud setter tool when you need professional results.
Pearl Studs For Clothing
Gold Silver Pearl studs for clothing
Gold & silver Spot Nailheads Studs
Target Fabric Studs
Gold & silver Target Fabric Studs
Spike Studs
Spike Nailheads Studs
Spiral Fabric Studs
Cone Stud For Clothes
Cone studs for clothing
Star Studs For Clothes
Star studs for clothing
Florentine Studs
Studs for Fabric
Box Studs
Box Diamond Studs
Diamond Studs for clothes
Hi Bead
Hi Bead Studs

Vortex Studs for Clothes

Pyramid Studs
Pyramid Studs for clothing
Diamond Studs Elvis
Diamond Studs For Elvis Costumes
Copper Series
Copper Series Studs
Square and Boat
Square Fabric Studs for clothing