About Allstarco

Since 1976, Allstarco (Allstar Plastic Industries) has designed and produced a wide variety of plastic products. At one time we weren't much different than other injection molding manufacturing companies, - designing plastic molds from scratch for just about anything. Then we discovered the acrylic jewel market. That's when we got passionate about plastic.

Quality control sets us apart.
In the almost 40 years since our humble beginnings we remain true to the belief that quality and attention to detail is what sets us apart from the pack. Yes it's true, just like the real thing, acrylic jewels do have different levels of quality.

Allstarco's head office is in Montreal, Canada and we maintain a branch in New York state for the benefit of our US customers. Allstarco no longer manufactures in North America but we work closely with our Asian factory and have our own presence in China as well.

2330 Champlain Street
Mooers, NY USA 12958
5730 Donahue Street
Montreal, QC Canada H4S1C1

One number to reach us at : 1-800-337-0524