Nailhead Rhinestone Setter

Rhinestone Stud Machine
A professional rhinestone setter that can also be used to set nailheads, studs and rivets. All that is needed is to have the right die installed in the machine.

A variety of standard dies are available for setting popular sizes of studs, nailheads, rhinestones, rivets, and rim settings. Custom dies can also be purchased if you need to set a non standard ornament. Custom dies cost approximately $85 each.

This machine is constructed of solid cast iron. The long arm provides for application with little effort, so it is well suited for heavier materials such as leather, and vinyl.
A professional rhinestone setter that is easy to use.

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Supplies & Parts
We offer a wide range of embellishments and dies. So many that often time the customer is hard pressed to make a decision of where to start. To help out with this situation we offer various rhinestone machine starter kits.