Imitation Gemstones

Imitation Gemstones by Allstarco

Allstarco has a long history in the manufacturing of Acrylic Gemstones. At the core of our philosophy for the past 30 years is quality. As a manufacturer, Allstarco prided itself in producing imitation gemstones of the finest quality.

These days a lot has changed in the imitation gemstone market and there are hundreds if not 1000's of vendors on the internet selling synthetic rhinestones and gemstones. Most of these vendors are simply that, vendors. They have no understanding of what a quality imitation gem is, nor do they care. To avoid disapointment, buyers should be aware of the different qualities of imitation gemstones.

Different Types of Imitation Gemstones
Imitation gemstones are produced using different processes and materials. The common materials ones used in mass production are acrylic, polystyrene, and a natural resin. Following is a brief summary of their characteristics.

Acrylic imitation gems are made of PMMA. A material that offers the a very good combination of clarity, chemical and UV resistance. Acrylic is a hard plastic equivalent to Lucite and Plexiglass. Different grades of acrylic resin exist, with the best grades producing imitation gems of the finest quality.

Polystyrene (PS) is a general purpose plastic with good clarity, but low heat and chemical resistance. Gemstones made of this plastic damage easily when exposed to solvents or heat. PS offeres the manufacturer easier processing and lower cost.

Resin Gemstones
Rhinestones and gemstones made of this natural based resin can be stunning in appearance. Production begins by making a mold formed from a model. The material and manufacturing process has excellent fidelity in replicating detail. Chemical and heat resistance is excellent, but the resin lacks good UV stability and tends to yellow over time.

Quality Factors of Imitation Gemstones

Brilliance and shine
Depends on the sharpness of the facets and polish of the plane surfaces
Molding tools need to be rebuilt periodically in order to maintain this standard.

Size consistancy
Lower quality houses don't have time to care much about varience in size. Users however, may scratch their collective heads trying to understand why two of the same sized stones, look like different sizes.

Color consistancy
Whether within a production lot, from order to order, or year over year, quality gemstones must meet this standard.

Plating and Coating
The plating on low quality gemstones is more easily affected by glue. High quality plating materials and clean surfaces are required to produce these right.

Overall consistency.
Low quality product usually contains lots of substandard pieces due to color, form, plating, trimming, or errant substances. Suppliers of low cost goods may say that since the goods are so cheap, "don't worry, just throw those bad ones away and the goods will still be cheap." But for a professional manufacturer, product out of specification can damge automated equipment, and add labor costs for inspecting, repairing, or rejecting finished goods. Low quality goods have a high and unpredictable reject rate.

Health & Safety
For discerning clients we offer gemstones certified to contain no lead or hazardous ingredients adhearing to standards CPSIA HR4040 and RoHS 2002-95-EC .