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Dee Dee 08/09/2023

Great for the project.

These were the right size for the craft project.

martigras 08/09/2023

I'm not artsy or DIY at all but needed 2 red gems glued onto my 2 Feng Shui toads' mouth coins (yen). 1st I bought a mixed size box of red gems, all, including the 6mm were too small + each yen has a square hole in the center that the rhinestone has to fit over, so I thought these would do the trick, but they're HUGE!! They'll work though. They almost cover up the entire yen, but that's good enough for me.
The gems are perfect + I received them the next day. An excellent seller.
I just wish I'd known more about gemstone sizing. I got SO confused trying.

Julie 08/09/2023

Pretty colors

Pretty colors

Angela Peters 08/09/2023

Very sparkly and uniformly shaped

Not only are these beautiful and shiny but they are also uniformly shaped. This is important when using them in mandala work. They all arrived in good order and did not crack or break while I was applying them to my art surface (wood).

B. Weinrick 08/09/2023

Love these

These were exactly what I hoped they would be

Lainey Harris 08/09/2023

Perfect for Raven cosplay

These worked great for my casual Raven cosplay. Only needed one, but I have lots of back ups if I ever lose one.

Emily Jensen 08/09/2023

Not sticky/adhesive, but still great

Used for my Raven cosplay!
I was disappointed to discover they didn’t come with adhesive, but that’s okay. I didn’t have any glue handy, but I discovered that putting a tiny drop of water on the back and pushing it on my forehead worked just as well...for several hours. I’m talking 6 hours or so. The package has 40 in it and I only used about 3 or 4 for my convention.

Kristacorn 08/09/2023

Great! For Raven from teen titans

Perfect for my forehead gem i used for my Raven cosplay from teen titans!! And i have extra just incase i loose one of them! I just use eyelash glue to hold it on and stays on all day!

Ryoko Yamada 08/09/2023

Great for Cosplay

I used these to cosplay Raven from Teen Titans and it worked perfectly!