Iron On Studs

Iron on studs or nailheads have glue on the back that melts when heated. Then, with a little pressure, this glue is absorbed into the fabric. Use an applicator wand to hotfix studs one by one. Many at once or an entire design require a heat press but it is also possible to do the job with a steamless household iron. Your material needs have heat resistance and the ability to absorb the glue.


Diamond Iron On StudsDiamond Iron On Studs   Round Iron On StudsRound Iron On Studs   Heart Iron On StudsIron on heart studs
Square Iron On StudsSquare iron ons   Triangle Iron On StudsTriangle iron on studs   Star Iron On StudsStar Iron On Studs
Iron on studs for clothing are made of aluminum with a dry, heat setting glue on the back.. It's fun and easy to create your own styles!