Product Glossary
Nominal Size
This means the product size is not necessarily the exact size stated but are about that size. All our product dimensions on our site are stated in nominal sizing.
AB - Aurora Borealis
AB stands for Aurora Borealis.
Stones with AB effect reflect multiple colors depending on the angle of view.
AB effect on acrylic stones is created by one of two methods.
  1. AB by foil
    The AB effect is created by using a laser engraved foil, instead of the bright silver foil on the back surface.
  2. AB by over coating
    The AB effect is created by a clear metallic surface coating applied to the surface of the stone. This coating diffuses light into a rainbow and increases the brilliance of each crystal.
SS sizes like SS20 or SS40
The SS sizing system dates back a long time. The SS stands for stone size.
To determine their size, the stones are passed through a series of sieves of diminishing hole diameters, thus classifying them into a size range.
We prefer the metric system at ALLSTARCO, but continue to also carry the SS equivalent where applicable.
The leading manufacturer of lead crystal rhinestones, Swarovski, publishes a table of SS to mm size conversions.
You can get this table by clicking Download the Swarovski Table.
TYPE A vs TYPE H Cabochons

Type A
Type H
Molded with 2 mold halfs. The result is a bevel or small step where the dome meets the flat back. The cab has a smooth feel all around.
Molded with 1 mold half. This results in a sharp transition from the dome to the flat surface. The cab has a sharp feel all around.
Type A Clear Cabochon

Type H Clear Cabochon