Nailheads, Studs & Spikes
Brass nailheads for fabrics. Steel nailheads and studs for leather.
Plastic and self adhesive studs for projects
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Fabric Studs
Nailheads for fabric
Brass nailheads with prongs for fabrics. Easy to bend and non rusting. Light weight. Washable. Medieval clothing
Plastic Spikes
Plastic Spikes
Light weight plastic spikes in metallic and neon colors. Also spike mesh on a roll for stunning projects.
Metal Spike Studs
Studs for jeans
Two part metal studs. Assembly tools available. Used for jackets, jeans. Also bracelets, Punk, Metal, Mortorbike.
Leather Studs
Studs for leather
Nailheads with prongs for leather. Made of steel can penetrate harder materials without a prepared hole. Belts, motorbike saddle bags.
Plastic Neon Pyramid Studs
Studs for jeans
Bright colored studs snap on..
Bracelets, accessories or anywhere..
Stick on pyramid studs
Studs for leather
Self adhesive pyramid studs available in 6 neon colors for your projects.